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What exactly does a plumber do?

Installs, services, and maintains systems that bring water into and carries water away from your home or business. This can be hot water or cold water, sanitary systems and gas. From the source, through the ground lines around your property, to the actual faucets and hardware that you use to operate the waterflow we handle it all. When in doubt, give us a call

I have a leak. What can I do until you arrive?

The first thing you want to do is to turn the water off! Depending on where the leak is, you may have find a localized valve on the water lines to turn off the water. If your toilet is running, check the lines behind the toliet for a, usually silver, knob and turn it until you don't hear a sound anymore. If you have a leak at the sink, look under the sink for a knob. If you have a leak in the ground, behind a wall, or undiscovered (you just hear it) turn your water off at the source! If you have a well, that's in the well house or at the panel. If you are on city water, find your water meter which is usually located in the ground near closest road and covered in metal or concrete (careful of spiders when going in!). If in doubt if you need to do this, you can ask us when you call to schedule. Do keep this in mind. In most cases all cases, any leak on your side of a municipal meter you will have to pay your full water bill. Any leak on their side is theirs. I wouldn't leave it to chance, cut it off!

What are the most common signs of a plumbing problem?

The most common signs of plumbing problems in Northeast Georgia are drips, stains, rust, smells and sounds! You can get ahead of any bigger problem by giving attention to these as you go about your normal living. Look at the ceiling if you are down stairs. Notice your walls throughout the house, look low in the walls for any signs of changes or moisture. Rusty appliances are a sign of a leaks appliance! Yep, sometimes that smell isn't your uncle or kids room, sometimes smells are a sign of a drainage problem! If you smell something, after cleaning up and removing all possibilities of smell pollution and it still stinks in the house or room, it might be time to call your northeast Georgia plumber! Occasionally when the house is quiet, listen carefully to your systems. Hissing sounds, dripping, thumps, gurgling sounds, water moving sounds, etc all could be signs that you have an underlying problem. It's also good to listen to the outside of your home at night. Last but not least, a common sign of a plumbing problem is water pressure changes. Either a sudden loss on pressure or even an occasional loss of water pressure, where it may be low pressure one moment and not the next, is a sign that you may have a leak in the system. Give us a call for Habersham, White, Banks, Stephens, Hall, or Rabun County Georgia Plumbing.

What's that smell?

A rotten egg smell from the hot water may indicate it's time to replace your hot water heater whereas a sewer odor from an unused drain may indicate you just need to run water through the trap! If you smell mold, it could be a number of things, but if you are sure the house is clean then we may need to take a closer look at your internal plumbing systems.

Do you charge an after hours, weekend fee?

We do not. We are one of the few, if not the only, Georgia plumber without an afterhours emergency fee or upcharge! We know that water systems are important to you and we don't mind getting one of our trained plumbing technicians out when there is an emergency that can't wait until usual working hours. Don't worry, just give us a call.

When is plumbing an emergency dispatch?

When property is being damaged or all water service is out (you had to turn it off at the source), or when life is at stake! Animals, people, certain businesses, and even certian medical conditions require access to water. We are here to help you. If you live in Habersham, Stephens, White, Banks, Hall, Rabun or surrounding counties and anyone within a 1 hour drive of Alto GA and need emergency plumbing services at no extra charge, we are here to help!

How does a lifetime warranty work?

We built our lifetime warranty on the promise that we did it right! All of your work is installed at or above current standards. As long as you haven't changed the engineering of the work, the parts, piping, or damages caused from outside sources we guarantee our work. We want you to always call on us for your plumbing needs and if you do that, we are pretty sure you will always be covered by our quality of work warranty! Also, many of the parts installed have a warranty included. We can talk about each on an individual basis.

How soon can your plumbing contractor be here?

We know that it's impossible to plan for most plumbing issues. That's why our plumbers offer same-day service and are on call 24/7 for emergencies. Contact us today for a free quote.

Do you offer any plumbing warranties for your work?

We are a plumbing contractor that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All of our work comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty, plus a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Are your plumbing contractors licensed and insured?

All of our services are performed by our experienced master plumbers. Palm Springs Plumbing & Septic is licensed and fully insured. For everything from small plumbing repairs to major installations, contact us today.

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